Aim and Scope

The aim of the journal is to be one of the best journals in its field by publishing high quality, original and innovative research and review articles. The scope of the journal covers the many fields of the  electromagnetic engineering including but not limited to:


Antennas and Propagation: 

  • Antenna Theory and Radiation
  • Antenna modelling and measurements
  • Microstrip and Printed Antennas
  • Microwave and Millimeter Waves Antennas
  • Arrays of Antennas, Mobile Antennas and Smart Antennas
  • Metamaterial Antennas,
  • Wearable Antennas
  • Wideband and multiband antennas
  • Antennas for Medical Applications
  • THz Technology and THz Antennas


  • Microwave Devices and Components Design and Techniques
  • Microwave device modelling
  • Waveguides
  • Microwave filters


  • RF Energy Harvesting
  • Energy Saving and Efficiency of the Electromagnetic Devices
  • Energy conversion and management of the Electromagnetic Devices 


  • RF MEMs and micro-systems
  • RFID technologies
  • Radar

Signal Processing

  • Electromagnetic Signal Processing
  • Wavelets in Electromagnetic
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Electromagnetics
  • The Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetics